Open a franchise

Steps to follow

Our franchisees have two different profiles, but all of them have something in comon: Willingness to work in a daily basis to continue being the leaders in our market.

  • Self employment: Persons with a willingness to invest and work as self employer, with a high profitability.
  • Investors: With management skills, that want to start up a business that requires involvement and work at all levels, with a speedy return on investment.

The implementation is done through our Expansion Department, through a Franchise Contract.

Franchisee profile

A passion for selling and offering an excellent service to customers

Entrepeneurial attitude

Urge to learn

Appreciation for the brand

Energy, perseverance ans optimism

An interest in design and details

Retail experience

Willingness and motivation to focus the efforts in the dayly managemnt of the store

Compromise and cooperation spirit within the Luxenter shops network

Financial strengh. At least 50% of the investment

I want my franchise

Once we receive your application to become a franchisee, we will contact you to see the best way to open a store. The first step is to find the correct location. Our shops must be placed in well transited areas: High streets, and Malls, We prefer to be next to well known brands in the jewelry sector.

We have a long list of citys and malls were we would like to be, but can send us your suggestion, we will study it and check if it fits in our Expansion plan. The shop must have a surface from 30 to 55 square meters, and ideally to have some storage room. Must have an ample front wit enough room for an entrance, and at least one window display. We prefer to work in square or rectangular areas, and only in one floor. The height of theceiling mus be at least 2.20 meters high. The kiosks must have a surface between 9 and 25 square meters. The maximum heigh permited in most Malls, cannot exceed 1.40 meters.

Once we find and agrre on the correct location we will begin with the production phase. Our Interior design department will design along with you the interior of the shop. The design of the shop and the selection of the furniture will express our style and will be focused in creatingthe best possible traffic flow, the optimum use of theselling surface an an excellent experience for the customer. Our furniture is based in a modular system, that can be adapted and be customized for the different spaces of the shop.

Validation of the application

The candidate requests information.

After a telephone conversation we will validate your interest and your candidacy.

Through an email we will send all relevant information about our Franchising.

In a meeting, we will discuss and validate the terms an conditions of the future agreement.

Once agreed the conditions, the candidate will reserve the area of choce by a down payment.

1. Location study / Real state assistance
2. P & L study of the project.

Franchise agreement is signed.

1. Shop Design
2. Production of forniture

8 weeks.

Theoretical and practical training, in our central offices.

(3 weeks)

Shop set up.

(1 week)

I want my franchise

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