Franchise concept


Since 2015 the company is strongly betting for its development through franchising, with a permanent focus on innovation, the excelent relation quality/price, and in an innovative fast-fashion model, constantly innovating the jewels in the stores.

As a Luxenter franchisee, you set up your own jewelry business, but won´t be alone, Luxenter will back you up all along the way as part of the Luxenter family.

We will help you in every step of the way; First in finding the location of the premises, then to renovate and decorate it so it becomes a Luxenter shop. We will help you to design and set up the shop with inspiration, decoration, furniture and merchandising. Finally, we will be by your side when doors open, and start running the business and give you constant support.

Our industry

Jewelry is a traditional and well consolidated industry, that an be split in 3 segments: Accesible Luxury, Luxury and High Jewelry, depending on the final price. Luxenter is positioned within the Accesible Luxury segment, a segment in full developement and with the biggest market share in the global Jewelry Industry.


Jewelry perceived as an accesory, that is changing the habits of the current woman.


The consumers prefer to buy brands, that is narrowing the market share of traditional multibrand jewelry stores.


There is an increase in the demand of personalised jewelry, so we launched personalised and engraved jewels.

New customer profiles

There is an increse in the buying done by women, as women have also increasedly incorporated to the working world.

Democratization of fashion

 Customers prefer quantity and variety versus lower cost, in their clothes and accesories.

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A world of jewels


Represents key trends in the world of fashion


Refined and elegant designs with colourful combinations.


Elegant jewels to glow and shine in special occasions.


The African continent takes us to our bolder self.


Charms and jewels that express the wishes of every woman.


Personalize your memories with our engraved jewelry.

Business models

We have different business models depending on the type of investor. We operate with different store formats: Luxenter and Luxenter Kiosk store formats.


A complete Luxenter store is designed for Malls or High street locations with great footfall. It has the complete product assortment and collections.


It is a complete store with kiosk furniture, placed in the middle of Mall’s aisles, Kiosk are good for impact sales and personalization services.

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Store design

The Luxenter shop concept aims to create a model of a welcoming store, femenine and sophisticate and adressed to the modern woman.

The Front, easyly recognised, gives visibility and contributes to enhace the perception of Luxenter as a brand. Luxenter has defined a window dressing and merchandising system to attract customers through special decorations, seasonal windows. Other attractions in the shop decoration would be music, images and videos, that make the customer feel welcome and comfortable and offering them a great buying experience.

We focus in making our stores easy to visit, with a specific furniture placement that make our product very accessible to customers. Every piece of furniture in a Luxenter shop is custom made, and produced by approved and guaranteed proffessionals. High quality furniture that guarntees a satisfactory use for many years.

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