Our franchise concept

Why is it a good idea to invest in a jewelry store?

Jewellery, is a traditional and really consolidated industry, could be split in 3 different segments: affordable, luxury and high-end jewellery, based on the final price. We are positioned within the affordable luxury segment; a segment which constitutes a large share of the global jewellery market.


Jewellery is increasingly perceived as an accessory, which is changing spending habits


Brands entering the market and taking market share from local jewellery shops


Increasing demand for personalised jewellery. That’s why we launched the collection of engraved jewels

New customer segmentation

More female self-purchasers driven by increasing number of working women

Growth in consumer

Growth in consumer base driven by emerging markets

Fashion democratization

Consumers prefer quantity than quality in their clothes and accessories

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LUXENTER universe


It stands out for the refinement of the designs and the elegant color combinations

This line of jewels made of silver is the essence of Luxenter. It transmits trend in every jewel with designs that have been adapted to the evolution of fashion and women. It is aimed at a familiar, modern and successful woman who finds a moment in her day to add a touch of color to her outfit.


Trending designs with marked boho accent

Trendy is the line that best represents trends in the fashion world. Jewels that make funny winks to shapes of stars, moons, planets, and even Orux eyes, which bring good luck to the wearer. The marked boho character of this line inspires the incorporation of natural stones, such as turquoise, jasper and lapis lazuli.

Time to shine

Jewels created to shine on special occasions

Flattering jewels designed to complement any special moment and in which silver and bright zirconia are protagonists. With delicacy and subtlety as a reference, this line perfectly combines immortal designs with other more innovative pieces.

Make  a wish

Charms that serve as an expression of women’s wishes

Jewels are beautiful and full of meaning for Luxenter. This line combines informality and trend in silver pieces. It represents a women that shows interest in fashion but doesn’t want to stand out for her jewellery.


A trip to our origins

A remembrance of Luxenter origins with designs that resemble the beginnings of the brand, golden and large pieces. A line aimed at a women with and irreverent and trendy style. Pieces made of metal for a women that knows what she wants.

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Business options

We have different business models according to the type of investor. We operate with single-brand and multi-brand store formats

Concept store

A concept store is a full-blown LUXENTER store, which carries a complete assortment of LUXENTER products, has a branded LUXENTER store front and is furnished only with LUXENTER fittings and displays.


A shop-in-shop is a clearly defined space in a store or department store dedicated to LUXENTER. It has LUXENTER fittings and displays and carries a wide assortment of LUXENTER products.

Multibrands Gold dealer (furniture)

Gold dealers are multi-brand retailers with a strong LUXENTER profile, normally with some branded furniture in the store and a medium assortment.

Multibrands Silver dealer (without furniture)

Silver dealers are multibrand retailers carrying a limited assortment. They have some windows for LUXENTER lines, displayed as we do, but without LUXENTER furniture.

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Store design

We are crazy about providing with the best customer experience, so we have developed our Concept Store to ensure that LUXENTER brand is exposed to consumers uniformly and in the best possible ways in all the markets. Our furniture is custom made, using the best techniques and materials.

Store concept evolution

Warm and cozy atmosphere

Bright and feminine

Extol our products

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LUXENTER products are sold in more than 30 countries around the world, and we are always looking for new business opportunities.

Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Bulgary, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Ukrania.

Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile.

Middle East
Kuwait, Azerbaijan


Guinea, Angola

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Support areas

LUXENTER will be at your disposal from the beginning of the project, providing first class support to our franchisees, to enable you to focus on your main goal: the client.

Luxenter franchisees will have a private management system that will enable you to have statistical reports, sales analysis,… You will be trained in the use of the software.

A team prepared to solve and manage your relationship with the central office: orders, composures, product information, ..

For a franchise this department is essential as it is responsible for informing the media and customers of the brand’s actions, openings, business evolution. In addition to the management of the website, another fundamental approach to business.

We advise you on the fundamental elements of the shop windows, the customizations and the basic rules to follow to obtain a perfect image.

We want to help you in your store. Discover all our commercial actions and the way we collaborate together.

This section is responsible for the creation and implementation of promotional actions and all advertising material. In this way, a homogeneity is achieved in the chain’s establishments, making the client easily identify the brand.

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