“For Luxenter, each franchisee is an strategic partner, and we give you the same dedication to a franchised store as to one of ours. To us, nurturing the relationship with our franchisees is essential. More than half of Luxenter stores are operated by franchisees. In Luxenter, we are all the same.”

Iván Moreno, Luxenter CEO

Reasons to be a Luxenter franchisee

If you have experience in business, if you love to sell and beleive in offering the best possible customer service, a Luxenter franchise could be for you.

Attractive business model

We share the same goal: To make you business a complete success, as we have already done with other franchisees and we keep doing everyday.

Tested store concept

As a franchisee you are an independent business man in charge of your own business. We give you a proved business concept and assit you in every step of the project.

Widely accepted product

We are constntly designing new products to satisfy the needs of our customers. We have a wide range of designs in different lines that allow us to offer something special for each customer. We launch two main collection per year and eight secondary ones, so we are sure that we offer the correct product at all times.

Very interesting sector

Jewelry is a traditional and consolidated industry, divided into 3 segments: Accesible Luxury, Luxury and high Jewelry, depending on the final selling price.
Luxenter is positioned in the affordable Luxury segment with an important market share within the global jewelry industry, consolidated in growing.

Attractive store design

We have developed an inspiring and luminous space, based in a unique and international concept. The furniture and store elementsare made to order for Luxenter. This atmosphere invites customers to come in and enjoy a nice shopping experience.

Growing company

Since the begining of the company in 1972, and the start up of our shop network with the opening of our first one in 2012, we have had an unstoppable growth. Nowdays we have over 50 Luxenter stores.

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