Shop management

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As part of the Luxenter sales network and store chain, you will get support from all our organization. You will get all the neccesary information to run the Luxenter store. Our manuals and training courses cover all the retailing aspects: Running of the shop, sales training for staff, visual merchandising courses, loyalty program, jewelry concepts, etc.

We are dedicated to supporting you and give you advise, before, suring and after the opening of the shop, in all the business areas, so you can concentrate in the customers and their shopping experience.

  • Our well trained coordination team will periodically visit your shop periodically and will share ideas on how to improve sales and procedures.
  • Your shop coordinator will be your contact person with Luxenter. She/He will visit your shop regularly to help you set up and achieve sales goals.
  • When you face staff or labor problems, that is the person you shoud cal, ready to help you to establish a Staff plannning.
  • All the back up for thise management is also available in our corporate Portal and in our shop manual. There you will be able to see in detail our Selling Techniques, Sales objectives, Merchandising manuals, as well as standards and protocols of the dily chores. All of it to help you run the shop in the best
    possible manner.
  • The window dressing and merchandising team will help you with the initial array of your shop, as well as with the implementation of new collections. Everyhing to make our jewels look more attractive.
  • You will regularily be in touch with them, to be advised over the main elements of the window ,decoration, the personalizations and the basic rules that must be followed to achieve the perfect image.
  • Our team also develops visuals, and special decorations and displays for given seasons , launchings or promotions (Christmas, St Valentine, Mother´s day…), to help with the sales in each launching.

The training Department offers a wide range of teaching tools and modules. Our training system is designed to gurantee the best attention to our customers, so the can enjoy a wonderful buying experience thus enabling the increase in the conversion rate and ensuring they will come back.

Trainings can be done in Central Headquarters, in the store or online. They are aimed for the shop manager and also for sales staff. We also have an extensive online learning system, the “campus Luxenter” that contains all our training materials.

We hold semestral meetings with Franchisees, where we share updated information about Luxenter, new products, sales data, trends, new developments, marketing plan, etc.

We are constantly developing new display meterials, specific for our window displays and our special collections, like busts for necklaces, display trays for storage, special items displays, etc. All to guarantee a wonderful buying experience for our customers.

We have also implemented a series of give away products ” Gift for sale”. that can be offered to customers, always under special circumstances (Mother´s day, purchases of a certain amount, etc.): Gifts vary from scarfs, purses, or big Jewelry boxes…

Last, but not least, we have designed a complete uniform, including Top, pants, shoes and gloves.

The Luxenter Club is a VIP area for our best customers. The Club helps your shop to fidelize the customers by offereng them all the perks that come with our Loyalty program. Thorough this free membeship, the customer will have:

• Exclusive access to Luxenter events.
• Follow up of all purchases made by members.
• Gift check in special dates: Birthdays and anniversaries.
• Being informed of the latest novelties and promotions of the brand.

Nowdays, the Club Luxenter has more than 85.000 members and the numbers are increasing.

Luxenter is a solid brand, highly valued by the consumer. Our objective is to build the Brand with a 360 º strategy through:

  • Marketing campaigns.
  • CRM.
  • Public relations.
  • Events.
  • Social media.
  • Digital communication
  • Traditional media.
  • Customized Marketing model.

We will always be developing new actions to back up each store, helping to increase sales and fidelize customers.

With the goal of offering the best service to our customers, we have a Customer Service Department that will help you with the day to day running of the Business, with product, invoicing, and after sales service.

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Store management

The management of the shops is based in four main foundations, through which the stores receive our support.

Store Coordination

Staff Management.
Data Management; Conversion rate, Units per ticket, etc.
Footfall counters.
Sales objectives.


Optimization of the space dedicated to each collection.
Correct positioning of best selling items.
Season´s windows.
Correct implantation of the launches.


The right products at the right time in the stores.
Correct product life cycle: Novelties maturity, re-activation of replensishment, discontinuity.


Training in selling technics.
Training in Jewelry knowledge.
In shop training of after sales services.

Commercial plan

The commercial plan for the shops is focused in three main activities.


Specific launchings.


Of products and gifts.


Placed in the main windows.

Season launching

The launching of each season is made thanks to de temwork of the different departments involved, to achie an optimum implantation in the shops.


Adjusted inventory plan for each store.



Visuals and ad hoc decoration.



Activation in Social Media and Webs.



Incentives for sales goals in specific launchings.

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Novelties in the stores

The launching of novelties in the stores dynamizes the sales and draws customers into the shop. That is the reason that our novelties are monthly, except the Sales months of July and January. There are two main launches in March and September and eight minor ones.


What does omnicanality means for Luxenter?


Online sale and in store pick up.

Sale in the shop and shipping home.


Visibility of inventoriesfrom all the network in the store.


We share customers.

Online buying from the store.

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