“At Luxenter we offer grear shopping experience while maintaining affordable prices with the aim of getting women express their personality, feel identified with us and more beautiful.”

Iván Moreno, Luxenter CEO

Reference in jewelry

It was in the seventies that the Luxenter brand was born with the aim of becoming a benchmark brand in the world of jewelry. Created by and for women, its founder Carmen Lizarriturri, embarked on the adventure of her life in Africa in the 70s, thus being one of the first women to start a business importing raw materials, which will become a reference in the world of jewelry.

With a team of 500 workers, Luxenter is a big company currently present in 30 countries with more than 60 stores and a network of 1.200 multibrand points of sale.

Our philosophy

The prioririty for Luxenter is to offer attractive and responsible jewelry to a wide spectre of women, in the place and time that better suits their needs. Our
designers have the capacity to respond swiftly and with new ideas to their demands and comments over their collections.

Our aim is the democratization of fashion, that is to get the existing trends that before were unreachable, and adapt them into affordable Jewellery for the customers of every walk of life. We place the customer in the center of our decision making process, getting closer to their preferences offering them jewelry at accesible prices.


Our values

We offer a great buying experience, while maintaining affordable prices. Through our jewels, women express their
personality and feel more attactive and identified with our values.

Buying experience

Thanks to decoration, our staff and the packging of our jewels, the Luxenter buying experience is a Luxury.

Quality materials

In Luxenter we use first quality materials like 925 sterling silver and semi precious stones with High Jewelry finishings.


Our design team is focused on the creation of jewels that outlie for their singularity and beauty.

Constant novelties

Thanks to our swift production, we can launch six annual collection with over six hundred novelties.

Affordable prices

70% of our new designs have retail pieces of no more than 49€, thus coverting us in affordable luxury.

Latest trends

Our designs are based on the constant renewal, we quickly adapt to customer’s needs.

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Our business model

Luxenter runs a vertically integrated business model. We do in house the design, production, marketing and
global distribution.


Leader in affordable jewelry with more than 600 anual new items.


In house production control with over 600.000 pcs. manufactured in 2018.


Well known jewelry brand with over 280.000 Facebook followers.


Wide distribution network. A monthly opening since 2016.

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